Pauls Valley Youth Sports

Pauls Valley Youth Sports is a division of the
City of Pauls Valley Parks and Recreation Department.
Our offices are located in the
Donald W. Reynolds Recreation Center
at 1005 N. Willow. 
Phone: 405-238-1307
Facebook is the Donald W. Reynolds Recreation Center

  Adult Rules for Kids Sports
1. Make it FUN!
2. Set at GOOD example.
3. Cheer for EVERYONE!

The general purpose of the Pauls Valley Youth Sports program is to provide an opportunity for sportsmanship, fellowship, skill improvement and physical fitness. It is also designed to bring area youth closer together through recreation competition and to keep the welfare of the youth first and foremost.
** Sportsmanship will be a requirement of all players, coaches and parents. The definition is: one who abides by the rules of the game or contest and accepts the outcome respectfully and graciously.
The Specific Purposes are:
1) To acquaint the participants with such fundamentals of the sport they are playing.
2) To inspire players with such good habits as fellowship for other players and respect for officials and coaches.
3) To promote safety-first play.
It is our desire that all participants enrolled in youth sports have the guaranteed right to fair play in every game regardless of skill level. As a result of this guiding philosophy, rules and regulations governing play, eligibility and sportsmanship have been developed. However, it must be understood that sportsmanship and cooperation within a team are important aspects of the game. Individuals who display poor sportsmanship or regularly miss practice may be kept from play in regular games. It is always the duty of the coach to inform the Sports Coordinator of such conduct or situations.
1. Every participant shall be able to play and have fun.
2. Sportsmanship and gamesmanship will be a requirement of the players, coaches and parents.
3. The program shall be enjoyable for all teams and players. Poor sportsmanship, foul language and injurious play will be disciplined.
4. The department will make every attempt to provide equity of play within the entire program
with the hope of allowing all teams an equal opportunity to compete.
Be it understood that by registering for this program, you accept the purpose, direction and philosophy of the program.

The Youth Sports Coordinator and his/her staff are responsible for cancelling games, NOT THE COACHES.
If games are cancelled we will let the coaches know ASAP. We will put up cancellations on the website and on Facebook at the Donald W. Reynolds Recreation Center. Please do not call the Recreation Center to find out if games are cancelled, YOUR COACH WILL LET YOU KNOW. We will make that determination at least 45 minutes before game time.
The Pauls Valley Youth Sports program coordinators; league directors, coaches, game officials or any other supervisory personnel are not responsible for injuries to persons or damages to property. We encourage all participants to obtain insurance for player protection. This is entirely the responsibility of the person participating (players, coaches, managers, parents, and spectators), all of which participate at his or her own risk.
Background Screening
All coaches must submit a completed background screening form, available on our website.
Background checks remain confidential and will be valid for one year. The guidelines, which will be used for the background check process, involve reviewing the information provided by law enforcement records such as: Charges, arrests, convictions, offenses, and traffic violations. If there are any
1) outstanding warrants,
2) criminal felony or criminal misdemeanor charges within the last five years, or
3) any charges ever regarding a sexual offense, an applicant will not be eligible to coach in our league.
Pauls Valley Youth Sports will not tolerate the following by a coach, player or spectator:
1. Smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or chewing tobacco: Shall not be allowed by parents or coaches at any time during a game or practice.
Alcohol on coaches’ breath will be subject for review. It has no place in youth sports especially with respect to our coaches.
Spectators are asked to refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco and absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed.
2. Obscene, racist, sexist or abusive language:
Defined as language that is offensive to acceptable standards of decency or modesty or anything insulting.
Should anyone have a question about the use of a word, it should not be used.
3. Sportsmanship: Any coach, parent, player or spectator verbally abusing or exhibiting negative behavior towards
a game official, staff, opposing coach, or any player will be subject to disciplinary action by the game officials
or Pauls Valley Parks’ staff. A coach can be removed from coaching at any point during the season.
Officials and Pauls Valley Parks Staff have the right to remove a coach,
parent, player or spectator from the game if the above incidences occur during a game.